Photos courtesy of US Army, US Navy Public Affairs, W.L Gore and NavyTimes

ACU (Army Combat Uniform)

OCP Unisex Coats,  TI, C2

OCP Female Coats,  TI, C2

OCP Improved  Maternity Coat

OCP Unisex Trouser,  TI, C2

OCP Female Trouser, TI, C2

OCP Improved Maternity Slacks

OCP, EWOL FREE Trouser (Flame Resistant)


Blouse TI, TII, TIII

Trouser TI, TII, TIII

Parka, Cold Weather, Navy

RABU Man’s Coat

RABU Woman’s Coat

RABU Maternity Coat

RABU Man’s Trouser

RABU Woman’s Trouser

RABU Maternity Slacks

Maternity Airman Battledress uniform (MABU) Coat, Type III, Class 1

Maternity Airman Battledress uniform (MABU) Slack, Type III, Class 1

Coat, Uniform ALP, AUP, ABP

Trouser, Uniform, ALP, AUP, ABP

Pack System

Main Pack

Main Bag


Hip Belt

Shoulder Harness Assembly

Sustainment Pouch

Hydration  Pouch

Assault Pack

Assault Pouch

Hydration Carrier

Hydration Bladder

Hydration Tube Kit

Hydration Bite Valve

Sub- Belt

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