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M&M Manufacturing, LLC.

On October 2010, M & M Manufacturing, LLC was established. It started working as a Sub-contractor to Prime contractors. This provided the experience to start presenting the client with our own Proposals as a Prime Contractor. In 2013, M & M won its first contract. Since then, M & M has gained a remarkable reputation and the Department of Defense associates our name (M & M Manufacturing, LLC) with commitment, good quality and on time delivery. In this past year 2018, the company won seven contracts for different programs, Packs, Utility Uniforms, Combat Uniforms and Sealed Seam Garments.

In 2012, M & M Manufacturing, LLC became a Franchisee of Propper International Franchise, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Propper International, Inc. As a franchisee of a Propper International Franchise, LLC, M & M is able to utilize and benefit from, the knowledge, experience and technical capabilities of Propper International Inc.  Propper International, Inc. is an industry leader that has supplied the United States Department of Defense with products for many years and now serves as advisor to the franchisee(s) of Propper International Franchise, LLC.

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